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HIPSTAMATIC, impressões - Exposição na Porta 22 - Porto - DesMontagem

4 comentários:

Paz disse...

Olá Adelino, qué original y qué chulo queda.

Me gusta!!!


Lucy Corrander : Photos disse...

The way the page loaded, only the top two lines showed and I thought it was a fun series. Scrolled down to see what happened next - came to the open books, tried to enlarge, it doesn't - so I got lost . . . which was a bit frustrating.

Absorbing, none the less.

Adelino Marques disse...

Oá Paz
Obrigado e beijos, há muito tempo que não te "via", :))

I don't understand why...pfff
Here it's "normal"

ANRAFERA disse...

Detallista composición, muy creativa.