Clique em cima das imagens para as ver maiores



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Glen Hartjes disse...

You have so many wonderful images,
You have a good eye for light.

Manuel Magalhães disse...

Olá, aí estás tu a brincar! Gosto, gosto mesmo deste ensaio. Já chateia estar-te sempre a dar os parabéns pelas magnificas imagens que colocas no blog!


Roxana disse...

oh this is so lovely! i can't tell you how much i like it. but is this your won work that you photographed afterwards? and is that paper?

Adelino Marques disse...

Thanks Glen!

This work is the result of a prior photography. Next I did a digital collage of the photographies.
The photographed material is woven (cloth) to dry hung in a wire.

Manel, obrigado (abraço)