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Paz disse...

Sorprendente. Muy bonita.

Bjs :)

Mafarrico disse...

Que giro! Adorei...

Anónimo disse...

what a stunning image!

raul gagliero disse...

recorri tu blog y me gustaron todas tus fotografias,sos muy buen fotografo,te felicito,un abrazoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo desde Buenos Aires

Manuel porradinha disse...

Gostei muito, conseguiste-me fascinar.Um Beijo Fraterno

Roxana disse...

it's a very powerful image!

Manuel Magalhães disse...

Gosto bastante. Para mim se se mantivesse o enquadramento e estivesse um pouco mais próximo ficaria ainda melhor.

Loulou disse...

I liked very muck your black and white pics. The houses, and textured walls as well.
Greetings from New Delhi,

Manuela disse...

hello Adelino,
I'm writing to ask if I could use this photo on my blog, properly referenced and linked back to your blog, of course. Roxana and I are having a creative collaboration on my blog, and today's color is white - and your photo immediately came to mind. come over and see, I think you'd have some interesting takes on our color-play - maybe you'll want to join :)
Will you let me know about the photo? You can reply to this comment here, I'll sign up to get follow-up comments.
Thanks so much,

Adelino Marques disse...

Hello Manuela
Clear that you can use this photography or others what you want.
I like your projects, they are very interesting.
As soon as I can, I will be going to see...


Adelino Marques disse...

This is WHITE too:

Manuela disse...

Hello Adelino,
thanks so much! and welcome to our color play :)
I've posted the other photo you sent together with the poem - and if you will want to make post/photo responses from now on, you can of course leave a comment, but also write to me at manuottawa at hotmail dot com, for example if you want to send an attachment.
I'll post this photo later today.
and for your amazing photos, that always get me thinking / feeling in different ways.